Using Social Media to Deliver Environmental Education Campaigns

Using Social Media to Deliver Environmental Education Campaigns

Thursday, 24 May 2018
Woody’s Cafe & Conference Centre
3 Woodford Place, Thornton NSW 2322

9.30am – 4.30pm
RSVP by 8 May 2018

FREE for Member Councils
$450 + GST for Non-Members


This workshop will focus on how to use social media platforms to deliver environmental education campaigns, at a local level to align with regional priorities. The main platforms explored will be Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The workshop will cover:

  • Which platform work best for different audiences
  • How and why people use social media, especially in terms of finding out about Council programs and waste/environmental education messages and projects
  • Principles of communicating on social media – messaging mix, timing, frequency, word count etc.
  • How to write good content that educates, gets engagement and makes people want to take action
  • How to provide the best material to your marketing teams or how to effectively create your own posts.
  • How to find trends and use them to get more attention
  • What are the best times to post to hit key audiences
  • How to use influencer marketing
  • How to boost posts (use ads) so they get in front of new markets
  • Risks and things to watch out for/avoid
  • How to develop a plan where there is consistency and collaboration between local and regional councils in promoting key messages.
  • Campaign planning: How long a lead time to use to promote specific programs
  • Measurement: how to track whether our efforts are successful
  • Tools which can increase efficiencies

Target audience:  Anyone in the environment sector using social media in their role or working with communications teams to deliver education campaigns.

Details:  Training is FREE for Hunter Waste Regional Council staff working in waste related areas. Limit of three staff members from each council permitted to attend.

Cancellation policy: Participants may cancel their registration without penalty prior to the registration closing date. Cancellations made after the registration closing date will be charged $50 (+GST), which includes venue rental, catering services, and other arrangements that have been made at that time. Please note, cancellation fees cannot be applied to future events.