6 Steps to Resilience Forum – Lower Hunter


6 Steps to Resilience

The Lower Hunter “6 Steps to Resilience for Community Service Organisations”  forum was delivered as the  first stage of the joint State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program funded project.  The forum was designed and arranged by the Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils (HJOC) with collaborative input into design and delivery by the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) and Climate Risk.

The forums integrated a collaborative workshop session whereby Community Service Organisations (CSO’s) participated in a risk identification and ranking session for the impact of natural disasters on their organisations. The attendees were representative of service providers (eg. National Disability Insurance Scheme, Meals on Wheels, Transport Provision, Commonwealth Home Support)  from Newcastle through to Upper Hunter.

In this first step attendees began developing their risk registers, it was evident that many of the risks identified transferrable across the sector. The progression of the project will see risk owners assigned within their organisations and solutions documented and systems put in place to ensure preparedness and continuity of care to their clients during the next disaster event.

Community Service Organisations who were not in attendance are encouraged to contact HJOC ‘s Regional Project Manager – Disaster Resilience, to discuss the development of a plan for their business.


Copies of the presentations provided at the Forum are available below.


Steve Wilson, Deputy Director
Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils

Natural Disaster Social Research 

Kelly Caught,

Community Organisation Resilience