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Program Contact
Meredith Laing
Director, Environment Division

Phone: (02) 4978 4022
Email: hccrems@huntercouncils.com.au

A Regional Approach to Biodiversity Conservation

HCCREMS member councils have been collaborating on biodiversity conservation issues in the region since 1996.

In that time, a range of projects have been initiated by councils and delivered by the HCCREMS team (and partners) to provide guidance to both local and regional planning systems, biodiversity conservation strategies, council management practices, and restoration and rehabilitation works across the 14 local government areas. These have included:

  • Comprehensive regional scale vegetation survey, data collation and mapping; Fauna survey and habitat modelling; corridor analysis and mapping
  • Biodiversity conservation research and analysis
  • Regional roadside environment surveys and mapping; development of technical guidelines and management tools for EECs, significant vegetation/habitats
  • Regional weeds mapping, analysis and on ground works projects
  • Design and development of innovative management and legislative compliance tools (Fauna & Flora Guidelines, Roadside Toolkit, REF template, Aquatic weed prioritisation methodology).