July 2016 – Successful funding to undertake restoration of the Hunter River Reserve, Greta

Hunter Councils has been successful in receiving $99,618 in funding from the Environmental Trust to assist in improving the condition and resilience of Lower Hunter dry rainforest at the Hunter River Reserve, Greta.

Hunter Councils staff, with active support from Cessnock City Council, Maitland City Council and Singleton Council will commence activity on the 3 year project in August. The project aims to improve the current state of Lower Hunter dry rainforest along the entire extent of the reserve.

Cessnock City Mayor Councillor Bob Pynsent said the area is extremely important as it contains one of the last remaining forests of its kind in the Lower Hunter.

“The reserve is a hidden gem of the Cessnock local government area and is highly valuable as it contains one of the few examples of intact native vegetation along the Hunter River. The reserve includes two endangered ecological communities under the NSW Threatened Species Act  along the upper western section,” Cr Pynsent said.

“This project is needed to protect remnant vegetation from widespread weed infestations within two gullies and reduce erosion along the steeper sections.”

Bush regeneration and targeted weed control works will be carried out to improve the condition and resilience of Hunter Valley Dry Rainforest within the reserve, Greta and adjacent properties in the Lower Hunter.

This project provides the opportunity for extensive partnership and collaboration with local councils, agencies and landowners which will result in positive biodiversity outcomes.