Managing Contamination on Council Land Forum


Land Forum:

Managing Contamination on Council Land

The Forum was held on 30 March 2017 as part of the Regional Contaminated Land Program for the Hunter Region.

As land managers, Councils have the responsibility to ensure that any contamination on either community or operational land (such as public parks, sport fields, road reserves, and landfill sites) resulting from the Site’s history does not cause harm to the environment or public health. Common historical land uses contributing to contamination of Council managed lands include former landfills, night soil sites, gasworks, mines, council depots, uncontrolled fill, and derelict underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS).




The Forum focused on:

  • Councils’ obligations for managing contamination on their land
  • Common contaminating activities on Council managed land
  • Triggers for Council’s duty to report contamination to the EPA
  • The development of strategies and procedures for identifying and managing contamination
  • Case studies of management systems implemented by Councils and NSW Department of Lands
  • Workshop: developing an Action Plan for managing contamination on public land in the Hunter region

Where to from here?

A high level Action Plan is being developed based on the outcomes of the workshop. The Action Plan will be provided to the Hunter Councils participating in the Regional Capacity Building Program to assist them in managing contamination on their land.

Copies of the presentations provided at the Forum are available below.

Luke Speechley, Principal Partner
  Nation Partners

Managing Contamination on Council Land: Best Practice Strategies

Richard Chewings, Manager Natural Resource Services
Department of Industry – Lands

Dol-Lands Contaminated Land Management Program – A Case Study

Brenda Ioffrida, Operations Officer – Contaminated Land Management Section
 NSW Environment Protection Authority

Contaminated Sites – Council’s Responsibilities

Dr Alice Howe, Executive Manager Business Development
Lake Macquarie City Council

Managing Lead Contamination: Lessons from Bunker Hill, Idaho, USA