November 2016 – Regional Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Flying Foxes

Hunter Councils Environment Division, with assistance from our member Councils, prepared a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry nito Flying-foxes in NSW.

The Councils of the Hunter, and Central Coast region of NSW recognised the pressures and concerns Flying-fox camps placed on neighbouring communities, but also acknowledged the important ecological role Flying-foxes play in maintaining the genetic diversity in our native forests.

The regional submission provides detail on the issues and concerns of the Councils of the region. Key issues identified for the Committee’s consideration were:

  • The need for greater research to understand roost site selection preferences of flying foxes to ensure protection (or creation) of appropriate sites to enable the viability of these important nomadic pollinators.
  • The need for regional cumulative impact assessments on development and clearing activities to reduce the chance of new conflict sites being created due to increased habitat loss.       There is significant concern that the reduced regulation on clearing activities included in the Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016 will further restrict habitat for flying foxes.

The submission was received by the Committee and a number of points were referenced in the Committee’s final determination.