October 2016 – Regional Submission to the Container Deposit Scheme Draft Bill

Hunter Councils Environment Division, with assistance from our member Councils and Local Government Legal, prepared a regional submission to the NSW Government’s Draft Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) Bill and Regulatory Framework Discussion Paper.

The Councils of the Hunter Waste Region are supportive of the introduction of the CDS and see the re-introduction of the Scheme in NSW as a positive way for the community to actively engage in litter reduction and resource recovery.

The key issues that the submission noted and requested the NSW Environmental Protection Authority to consider, prior to tabling the Bill to parliament were:

  • Ensure the Scheme is designed and implemented to provide the general community the ability to easily access and redeem containers for the deposit value (10c per container)
  • Support for a single Scheme Coordinator to minimise material sorting complexity and maximise efficiency
  • Ensure the Scheme is designed and implemented to enable Local Government to claim the full deposit value for containers collected through local government kerbside collection systems
  • Re-draft the Bill (and associated Regulations) to ensure Councils can access the deposit value of containers collected through kerbside collections, as current drafting will not ensure this occurs
  • Confirm how the Community will be informed of the new CDS and ensure the bulk of the activities (and associated costs) do not fall to Local Government without appropriate funding provided to undertake any required activities.

Hunter Councils is a member of the EPA’s CDS Local Government and Community Working Group and will continue to advocate for the appropriate implementation of the Scheme that provides the best possible outcome for Councils and their Communities.

Hunter Regional Submission – CDS Legislation 2016