Professional Services

Professional Services

The Environment Division team has a solid track record in the design and delivery of large, complex, multi-partner projects, and in recent years, the delivery of professional Fee for Service projects in partnership with leading specialists. The range of services available are summarised below.

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Ecological Assessments

  1. Independent, third party reviews of information submitted in support of rezoning proposals and development applications including:
    • Ecological assessments
    • Seven part tests of significance
    • Vegetation and Species Management Plans
  2. Independent, third party preparation of REFs on behalf of councils and public authorities
  3. Bushland / vegetation/habitat assessments to inform:
    • Plans of Management for community land required by legislation
    • Bushfire hazard reduction planning
    • Land restoration and rehabilitation planning

Ecological Surveys, mapping and monitoring

  1. Both rapid and comprehensive vegetation and fauna surveys to assess plant vegetation type, condition, %cover and abundance. Identify presence of threatened species, populations, endangered ecological communities and their habitat.
  2. Vegetation mapping, Weed density mapping
  3. Bushfire prone lands mapping
  4. Design and implementation of comprehensive and threatened species flora and fauna monitoring programs to measure changes in species diversity and condition over time.
  5. Connectivity analysis
  6. Weed density survey, mapping and biomass monitoring

Land Management, Planning, Restoration and Rehabilitation

  1. Planning, managing and coordinating land restoration and rehabilitation programs at either local (site specific) or landscape levels (including multiple land tenures and stakeholders) that include:
    • Engaging, communicating with and facilitating council, agency and landowner participation
    • Site / landscape level condition assessments
    • Works prioritisation and management planning
    • Project managing delivery of on-ground rehabilitation and restoration works
    • Project monitoring, evaluation and reporting
    • Development and delivery of community education and capacity building programs
  2. Preparing Plans of Management for Community Land in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993

Research and Information

  1. Independent review of available literature
  2. Analysis and synthesis of issues – development of Discussion Papers and/or Briefing Papers and Communication strategies

Professional Facilitation

  1. Event management
  2. Independent and professional meeting / workshop facilitation including documentation (minutes / notes / presentations,/briefing papers )

Policy/Strategy Design and Development

  1. Research and stakeholder engagement
  2. Management of Policy or Strategy development & documentation
  3. Facilitation of action planning frameworks and processes

Community Engagement and Education

  1. Design and development of community consultation frameworks and implementation strategies
  2. Facilitation of community consultation activities
  3. Development of community awareness and education campaigns and materials

Developing Grant Applications

  1. Management, staff, partner and Stakeholder engagement
  2. Assistance with project development
  3. Application documentation and associated budgets

Project Management

  1. Provide full project management services including:
    • Project planning and scheduling
    • Engagement & communication strategies
    • Management of project implementation (contracts, workplans, scheduling, resource allocation etc)
    • Project budgeting, monitoring and reporting