Regional Submission – New standards for construction and demolition waste in NSW

Hunter Councils Environment Division have assisted the Councils of the Hunter Waste Region to develop a submission to the to the standards that govern construction and demolition waste in NSW.

The changes proposed by the NSW EPA are primarily designed to improve resource recovery rates and support improved management processes that produce quality products which can also be used safely. NSW waste regulatory framework that will come into place on 1 March 2017.

The regional submission noted the following:

There are twelve licensed Council waste facilities in the region

  • The majority of councils do not feel that their operations will be adversely affected
  • There may be indirect cost impacts to councils via their recycling contractors, however the scope and quantum of these impacts are not yet known
  • Councils of the Hunter Joint Organisation request clarification as to which elements of the proposed reforms may be applied to the Regional Levy Area (RLA) as a number of our member Councils are located in the RLA.




Michael Neville
Regional Waste Program Manager
P (02) 4978 4034