About Us

About Us

The Hunter Joint Organisation (Hunter JO) is the hub for local government collaboration, striving to strengthen communities by facilitating evidence-based strategic outcomes for the Region. A progressive and visionary organisation, the Hunter JO creates and has input on a diverse range of projects that are both imperative and interesting. Its principal functions include:

  • Regional strategic planning and priority setting
  • Intergovernmental collaboration
  • Shared regional leadership and advocacy

The Hunter JO’s long established and respected Environment (HCCREMS) Program is a collaborative effort of the eleven councils of the Hunter and Central Coast. The Environment Program delivers directly on the action area from the Hunter Joint Organisation Strategic Plan (Aspire Act Achieve) to “protect the enviable environment for future generations and ensure resources are used efficiently”.

Our Strategic Environmental Priorities were established through consultation with Member Councils, and our current focus areas include:

  • Natural Systems
  • Environmental Resilience
  • Liveable Communities
  • Resource Recovery

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