2012 Decision Support for Coastal Adaptation: The Kit


This kit provides a practical resource for Council staff determining decisions or work plans for coastal areas. The kit includes:

1 Category

Provides a consistent and transparent decision making process to assist councils identify management options (including long term adaptation pathways) in vulnerable coastal areas. It applies to both existing coastal hazards and those projected to worsen due to climate change..

The issues and decision-making processes for which the Handbook has been designed focus on potential economic, social and environmental impacts arising from:
  • sea level rise;
  • coastal recession associated with more frequent or severe storms, storm tides, and changes to coastal currents and other coastal processes;
  • changes to extreme rainfall and associated flooding (rivers and flash flooding) in coastal areas; and
  • a combination of these events.

The Workbook (only available on the CD)
The Workbook is a companion document to Decision Support for Coastal Adaptation: The Handbook. This workbook goes through the major stages involved in coastal adaptation decision-making, detailed in the Handbook, providing at each stage:

  • a checklist of the major steps to be completed and key points to be addressed in the course of completing those steps; and
  • worksheets to assist decision makers record key relevant information consistent with the checklists.

Discussion Paper (Free Download and included on CD)

The Paper
  • Describes/clarifies council expectations regarding the proposed Coastal Decision Support Framework (DSF) for the region
  • Summarises key attributes of the proposed DSF
  • Outline major features of the proposed DSF (including steps in the DSF and information to be drawn from it)
  • Identifies issues that the DSF would apply to/assist practitioners manage
  • Outlines the proposed process for preparing and testing the DSF, including the identification of vulnerable coastal locations against which to pilot application of the draft DSF.

Literature Review & Consultation Paper (Free Download and included on CD)

The report:
  1. Synthesises existing international and national adaptation approaches
  2. Provides discussion of the proposed Coastal Decision Support Framework (DSF) to be developed for the Hunter, Central & Lower North Coast region, including key  framework attributes and the strengths and weaknesses of established DSF’s and tools in the context of coastal decision making
  3. Reviews existing applications of triggers and thresholds for informing decision making
  4. Provides an initial assessment of options assessment tools available for coastal adaptation decision making.

Decision Support for Coastal Adaptation Factsheet (Free Download and included on CD)

Provides a summary of the project undertaken and the Handbook / Workbook resources.


Date: 2012