2016 Heatwave Communications Resource Kit – The Elderly and People with a Disability


This resource kit includes a suite of communication resources targeting the Elderly and those with a Disability. They aim to raise awareness of the health impacts arising from heatwaves and of the key actions that can be taken to `Beat the Heat’ by this particular target audience.

Resources include:

Resources have been developed for three different alert levels:

Stage 1 Alert: General Awareness – seek to raise general community awareness of heatwave / extreme heat impacts and preparedness and would be issued periodically during the lead up to and during summer.

Stage 2 Alert: Heatwave / Extreme Heat Conditions Forecast – for issuing in the days preceding a forecast heatwave / extreme heat event to encourage preparatory action by the target audience.

Stage 3 Alert: Heatwave / Extreme Heat Conditions Occurring – for issuing during a heatwave / extreme heat event to encourage immediate and direct action by the target audience to protect health and safety.


May 2016

Others Involved:

  • Hunter New England Local Health District
  • Central Coast Local Health District
  • Australian Red Cross