2015 Benefiting from Biodiversity – An Investment guide for Local Government


This publication provides a guide to the opportunities available to councils managing land with biodiversity values.
These opportunities are grouped into three types: Commercial Activities, Income supplementation Activities, and Support Programs.

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Benefiting from biodiversity has been created to help you navigate the policies and programs that are available to local government land managers. Understanding these policies and programs is important if you are to maximise your biodiversity asset.

Benefiting from biodiversity also covers the range of technical support and resources available to councils and land managers for conservation and management efforts on their lands. Importantly, it summarises the answers to key questions a land manager might ask:

  • What financial return is potentially available from the natural assets on the land I manage?
  • What types of activities qualify for support?
  • What land types and land values qualify for support?
  • What amount of effort is needed for the amount of return?
  • Who can I contact, and resources exist, if I want explore a proposal further?

As with any publication dealing with investment and financial commitments, it is important that you understand its limits. At the time of publication (mid 2015) the NSW Minister for the Environment has appointed an independent panel to undertake a comprehensive review of the Native Vegetation Act 2003, Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 and related biodiversity legislation. It is expected that significant changes to these legislative instruments will occur following the completion of the review.

Date: 2015