2013 eREF (electronic Review of Environmental Factors) User Guide


The eREF is an electronic database designed to assist councils to undertake a Part 5 assessment or Review of Environmental Factors. The eREF does not conduct the assessment for Councils, but provides a framework to ensure that the information required to make an informed decision is collected and collated to enable an informed decision making process.

The eREF highlights issues that may need further investigation or where State or Federal concurrence is required prior to Council determining the appropriateness of any proposed activity.

Any Council, Agency or consultant wishing to utilise the eREF should contact HCCREMS via the attached form. Also attached is the eREF User Guide (help manual) for organisations already utilising the eREF.

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The REF Template User Guide is designed to assist users of the HCCREMS Electronic REF Template to navigate through the various screens and options provided by the computer program.

The Guide only provides assistance on using the electronic template and does not provide assistance or guidance on completing REFs or answering specific questions related to specific developments or activities.


Date: 2013