2010 Funding Environmental Compliance


This report explores the range of options that are available to fund environmental compliance programs. It provides information on each option’s legal considerations; and gives examples of how these options have been used by councils in practice.

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This report looks at the alternative options available to councils in New South Wales to raise funds for environmental compliance and protection programs. These options, each discussed in its own chapter, are:

  1. Fees for compliance services
  2. Levies, including environmental levies
  3. Fines from criminal prosecutions for regulatory breaches
  4. Administrative orders for environmental protection
  5. Security (bonds) for issues such as impacts on council property (e.g. trees) or other environmental impacts (e.g. salinity and drainage)
  6. Voluntary Planning Agreements
  7. Contributions to public infrastructure or services
  8. Biodiversity certification of planning instruments
  9. Public Positive Covenants
  10. Grants


Date: 2010