2007 HCCREMS Regional Tree and Vegetation Vandalism Policy 2007


This template policy promotes a consistent regional approach to the protection and management of trees and vegetation in the landscape, particularly in deterring and responding to the loss of vegetation arising from deliberate vandalism on public land.

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This policy has been developed in light of increasing tree/vegetation vandalism being experienced by councils across the region. This is particularly apparent in the coastal zone where development pressure and conflicts between water views and vegetation has seen an increase in the vandalism of trees and vegetation on public land under the care, control and management of councils.

The policy objectives are:
1. To promote the value of and need for protection of trees and vegetation on community land
2. To provide regional consistency in the deterrence, investigation and response to tree vandalism incidents
3. To encourage the sharing of experience, expertise and resources among councils when deterring and responding to tree / vegetation vandalism incidents throughout the region.
4. To promote and guide broader community involvement in the prevention of vandalism, and in the investigation and enforcement processes undertaken by councils when responding to such events.

Date: 2007