2010 Hunter & Central Coast Regional Weed Strategy & Implementation Plan


The Strategy provides a framework to manage weeds on a strategic scale through coordination in planning, investment and operational activities across landscapes, land management boundaries (irrespective of tenure) and local control authority jurisdictions

The Plan directs activities at the regional landscape scale. It includes detailed management actions developed to compliment the weed management objectives identified by the strategy

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Development of this Hunter and Central Coast Regional Weeds Management Strategy was initiated by the Regional Weed Management Professional Team that comprises representatives from each of the Lower Hunter and Central Coast Councils and the Upper Hunter Weeds Authority. The Plan was compiled by the Regional Coordinator and Hunter Councils Environment Division with the assistance of key stakeholders including member councils, Upper Hunter Weeds Authority, Industry and Investment NSW and the Hunter – Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority.

Currently resources are insufficient to control all invasive weeds effectively at all locations across the region. In order to effectively utilise the limited resources available, management efforts need to be prioritised and focussed on where maximum benefits will occur.  The Implementation Plan contained in this document, is the framework for achieving this.

The main objective of the Plan is to direct activities at the regional landscape scale that will be most beneficial to economic, social and environmental outcomes. The Plan emphasises the importance of preventing new weeds from establishing and the need to respond quickly to new incursions. It includes detailed management actions developed to compliment the five weed management objectives identified by the strategy:

Objective 1 Ensure effective weed management coordination and collaboration across land management responsibilities and land tenures to reduce the impact of weeds in the region

Objective 2  Identify and prioritise knowledge gaps to improve effective management and scientific understanding of weed issues in the region

Objective 3  Strategically increase the awareness and capacity of community and stakeholders to undertake effective and coordinated weed management initiatives across the region

Objective 4  Implement early detection and treatment strategies for new weed incursions; Implement works program to address high priority landscapes and high priority natural assets on natural assets throughout the region

Objective 5  Improve and standardise data capture techniques, monitoring, reporting and evaluation processes

Each objective has a number of strategic management recommendations and associated implementations actions. Strategic implementation of the actions will direct weed control activities in the region until 2015 and contribute significantly to the Hunter Central-Rivers and Hawkesbury–Nepean Catchment Management Authority, Catchment Action Plans.

The implementation Plan is a living document and, as such, priorities are expected to alter over time through a regular and transparent review process.
Date: 2010