2010 Prioritisation of Alligator Weed Management


Presents a process for assessing and prioritising “Alligator Weed Management at the sub-catchment level, based on the potential for further spread, the actual or likely impacts to biodiversity and the feasibility of effective management of the species.

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This report is the result of the efforts of the Sydney Weeds Aquatic Task Force to determine high priority areas for the control of Alligator Weed in the Sydney Basin.

The process for assessing and prioritising ‘Alligator Weed Management involved a landscape unit based approach derived from infestation mapping and analysed risk of spread throughout the Hunter and Central Coast Regions and the Sydney regions.

The prioritisation analyses identified the potential for further spread of Alligator across the identified landscape management units. The results provide indicative and useful information to inform management actions including:

  • The consequence of further spread
  • Recording management feasibility
  • Assigning priority ratings to each landscape management unit for resource allocation to control Alligator Weed

From the findings of the analyses the report has detailed practical management actions and identified the risk of spread for each management unit in the Sydney regions. This has enabled Sydney Councils to prioritise and allocate resources to effectively manage and contain Alligator Weed.


Date: 2010