2012 Regional Compliance Assurance Policy and Guidelines


The policy provides a framework which encourages voluntary compliance, provides guidance to councils on best practice decision making principles, assists councils to minimise risks to the environment and to inform the community about how councils manage their environmental compliance responsibilities.


To assist councils to implement the policy, a series of guidelines have been developed to accompany the policy, these are:

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This model Policy should be tailored by Councils in the Hunter and Central Coast region to develop their own Compliance Assurance Policies in a regionally consistent manner.  Guidelines attached to the Policy are:

Compliance Inspection and Monitoring
The Compliance Inspection and Monitoring Guideline provides practical guidance on the planning, conducting and reporting on compliance inspections.

Developing Quality Conditions of Consent
The Developing Quality Conditions of Consent Guideline provides practical guidance on the development of conditions of consent that are appropriate for purpose and enforceable in law.

Enforcement Options
This Enforcement Options Guideline provides guidance to council officers on what should be considered when selecting an enforcement option for environmental offences.

Evidence Gathering
This Evidence Gathering Guideline provides guidance to Council officers on how to gather evidence on matters for which they have regulatory responsibility.

Managing Reports of Non Compliance
The Managing Reports of Non-Compliance Guideline provides guidance on the management, tracking and record keeping associated with responding to reports of non-compliance.

Promoting Compliance
The Promoting Compliance Guideline provides practical guidance to Council officers on the design and implementation of a program to engage with the regulated community to encourage voluntary compliance with environmental legislation and requirements.

Recorded Interviewing
This Recorded Interview Guideline provides guidance for council officers to undertake formal recorded interviews as part of an investigation.

Utilising Surveillance Cameras
This guideline and supplementary documentation are provided to assist councils in the effective, efficient and appropriate use of surveillance cameras.

This Guideline provides guidance to Council officers on procedures to be followed when undertaking an investigation.


Date: 2012