2008 Report 3 – Projected Climate Variability HCCREMS Region


This report projects future changes in climate seasonally and at sub regional scales for the Hunter, Central and Lower North Coast region. Projections are provided for the periods 2020-2040, 2040 -2060 and 2060-2080.

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This report provides the methodology and results of Stages 3 and 4 of the HCCREMS Regional Climate Change Research. It projects future changes in climate at both seasonal and sub regional scales. Projections are provided for the period 2020-2040, 2040 -2060 and 2060-2080. Where minimal change between these periods is identified, projections are provided for the entire 2020-2080 period.

Projections are provided for a range of climate variables including rainfall, temperature (minimum, maximum and average annual), humidity, pan evaporation, water balance, wind, sea level rise and extreme sea levels, wave climate and extreme events.


Date: 2009