2020 Roadside Marker Field Guides and Marker Post Stickers Kit


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These Field Guides apply to road related works and activities within significant roadside environments identified by the Regional Roadside Environment Marker Scheme (Hunter and Central Coast). The Field Guides provide directions on work practices to be implemented at these sites to avoid damaging environmental values and to reduce the risk of impacting threatened species and communities protected by Commonwealth and State legislation.

A total of 9 codes and associated field guides addressing a suite of ecological values and management issues have been developed. These include:

  • Threatened Vegetation Communities V1
  • Threatened Plants V2
  • Orchids V3
  • Significant Weeds W1
  • Wetlands A1
  • Water Crossings A2
  • Amphibians A3
  • Threatened Fauna Habitat F1
  • Significant Fauna Habitat F2
  • Koala Black Spots F3

Each field guide describes General Management Principles for 6 primary roadside management activities:

  • Slashing/mowing
  • Weed control
  • Clearing and construction works
  • Grading
  • Stockpiling and vehicle parking
  • Cleaning table drains

Date: 2020