2016 Heatwave Communications Resource Kit – Families with Young Children


This resource kit includes a suite of communication resources targeting Families with Young Children. They aim to raise awareness of the health impacts arising from heatwaves and of the key actions that can be taken to `Beat the Heat’ by this particular target audience. Resources include:

Resources have been developed for three different alert levels:

Stage 1 Alert: General Awareness – seek to raise general community awareness of heatwave / extreme heat impacts and preparedness and would be issued periodically during the lead up to and during summer.

Stage 2 Alert: Heatwave / Extreme Heat Conditions Forecast – for issuing in the days preceding a forecast heatwave / extreme heat event to encourage preparatory action by the target audience.

Stage 3 Alert: Heatwave / Extreme Heat Conditions Occurring – for issuing during a heatwave / extreme heat event to encourage immediate and direct action by the target audience to protect health and safety.


May 2016

Others Involved:

  • Hunter New England Local Health District
  • Central Coast Local Health District
  • Australian Red Cross