Professional Development Series

Professional Development Series

Since 1995 the HCCREMS team has been working with 14 local councils, state and commonwealth governments, industry and the community to deliver regionally targeted environmental management programs across the Hunter, Central and Lower North Coast region.

A key focus has been building the capacity of professional staff to:

  • Understand and apply innovative, best practice approaches to organisational and management
  • Lead and facilitate change in organisational standards and systems to improve outcomes
  • Improve organisational and community compliance with legislation and standards

The deep understanding of partner responsibilities, issues and needs arising from this collaboration now underpins the HCCREMS Professional Development Series – training delivered `in region’ that is specifically tailored to the interests and ongoing needs of member councils and partner organisations.

Through the series most courses are able to be delivered ‘in region’ at a lower price than attending the same course in Sydney.
All training under the Professional Development Series aims to:

  • Provide learning outcomes tailored to the needs of professional staff
  • Deliver active learning experiences directly relevant to the roles and responsibilities of participants
  • Directly build the capacity of participants to deliver quality outcomes for both their organisations and communities

All training is delivered by leading experts in their field and builds upon the significant experience and outputs generated by HCCREMS, member councils and project partners over many years.

Courses are scheduled throughout the year and are listed below but they can also be delivered `in house’ directly to your organisation where demand exists.

Date Course Details