Regional Waste Education

Regional Waste Education

Our regional waste education program supports the implementation of all aspects of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (WARR) strategy. The regional waste education coordinator works with our Member Councils to educate the community on reducing and effectively managing their waste.

Small Acts Big Change

Small Acts Big Change is the flagship branding for all waste education messages and projects. Small Acts Big Change is creating a community of people – individuals, community groups and businesses – who are re-thinking waste and sharing stories about all the small things we in the Hunter and Central Coast are doing to re-imagine the way we think about waste for a better planet and better community for all of us.

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Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a program that aims to help households and businesses to avoid food waste and save money.

In 2015 Hunter Joint Organisation partnered with Hunter TAFE to develop a course module for all apprentice chefs in the region. The course aimed to inspire apprentices to adopt practical strategies for avoiding and minimising food waste in a commercial kitchen. The project attracted award winning chef Troy Rhoades-Brown and leading restaurateur Neil Slater who featured in videos to demonstrate practical strategies to avoid food waste along, and won the Waste Education category at the Local Government NSW Excellence in the Environment Awards.

Hunter Joint Organisation also partnered with the University of Newcastle’s Champions4Change to deliver the Love Food on Campus project at UON. The project engaged residential students to find out why they are wasting food and how to meal plan, portion control, use correct food storage and waste avoidance cooking techniques.

See resources below to assist planning nutritional meals and avoid food waste: